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The StimulEyes Success Story of Sandy F.

I began having vision problems around the age of 47. That required a progressive lens after taking a new job that required more time in front of a computer screen.

I tried contact lens over the next 5 years. I found that they blurred my vision and ultimately “stuck” to my eyes after about 3 hours of wearing.

My vision was worse with each visit to the Ophthalmologist and required a new prescription. Finally, a diagnosis of “dry eye”. After a visit with a physician specializing in this area, I was given a name for my condition, Blepharitis. I began treatments to help with the inflammation of the area affected with MiBo Thermoflo. The Doctor warmed the lash line with a medical device in the office. This was followed by “expression” of the area by the Doctor using pin pricks and physical expression of clogged oil with the area. (Not covered by insurance at cost of $300.) These procedures required a special eye drops prescription afterwards for 3 days. While the treatment was helpful, it was not lasting, and often difficult to make time for constant scheduling to stay on top of the inflammation.

Upon starting treatment with StimulEyes, I used the drops over a period of approx. 3 months. To be honest, I could not tell any difference in the way my eyes felt in comparison to any of the other drops I had used in the past. (I have tried every brand on the market in addition to those prescribed by Doctors). However, my husband did renovation in our home that required packing everything in my personal spaces, bedroom, bathroom, etc. and we moved out for about a month. Upon returning to the house I misplaced the StimulEyes and was not able to use the drops for about 3-4 weeks. I did not notice a problem with dry eye again until just recently (about 1 month after not using StimulEyes), and my vision appears as blurry lines when I am doing fine-line detail work on my art projects.

In conclusion, while StimulEyes did not “seem” to be different, it did in fact have a real improved effect on my inflammation and dry eye condition. It was “regenerative” in that it lasted after stopping drops for a month. I now have a new bottle and I am using the product again and will continue.

Sandy F., StimulEyes Patient


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