Michelle R.

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The StimulEyes Success Story of Michelle R.

I was a flight attendant for over thirty years and I wore contacts every day. During that period I started having dry eye problems. I am retired now, but I still suffer from dry eyes even though I no longer wear contacts every day. Over the years I have used every type of dry eye treatment advertised. A few provided momentary relief, but within an hour it was if I had never used it. None provided any ongoing relief.

Several months ago a friend told me about StimulEyes. I have been using it for two months now with phenomenal relief. It has been decades since my eyes have felt normal. The best thing is I no longer even think about or feel the uncomforting feeling of dry eyes.

I would encourage anyone having these issues to have their eye care provider prescribe this revolutionary product for them.
I cannot thank my friend enough for introducing me to StimulEyes.

Michelle R., StimulEyes Patient


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