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The StimulEyes Success Story of Lisa H.

I have been suffering from dry eye syndrome for over 5 years. I was introduced to StimulEyes and decided to try the treatment to see if it would provide some relief for my discomfort.

Previously, I had been using Restasis as the primary course of treatment for my dry eye syndrome. I had found that the product was slightly effective, but I was still experiencing persistent tearing. I felt the need to supplement my course of treatment with a number of over-the-counter eye drops.

Some of the products I had tried during the past five years in conjunction with Restasis to abate my dry eye discomfort were: Natural Tears, RefreshTears, Refresh Optive Omega-3 Eye Drops, Refresh Optive Gel Eye Drops, and a humidifier at night.

Currently, I am on the second month of the three-month supply of StimulEyes, I have experienced immense dry eye relief, and my eyes do not tear up nearly as often. Using StimulEyes in the morning and evening, I have noticed my eyes appear moister and whiter in color. I have also stopped using all other products in conjunction with StimulEyes.

When I wake up in the morning, I do not experience the same dry feeling in my eyes that used to make me rush to put in eye drops. When I wake up now my eyes still feel as moist as they did when I went to bed. I would highly recommend that others try StimulEyes if they also suffer with dry eyes.

Lisa H., StimulEyes Patient


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