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The StimulEyes Success Story of Jenny C.

I developed chronic dry eye syndrome about 4 years ago and have been trying a variety of treatment methods. I was introduced to StimulEyes by our clinic’s sales rep and was immediately excited by the prospect of finally addressing this dry eye condition.

After only being on my course of treatment for a little more than a month, I have found immense relief from the StimulEyes eye drop treatment. I can say that my eyes are holding their moisture much better than they had with my previous prescription eye drops which I had used them for three months with no significant changes in eye moisture.

My experience with StimulEyes has been extremely positive. I wake up in the mornings with noticeable moisture in the eyes, and I do not feel the need to put drops in my eyes as soon as I wake up. My doctor has noticed the dry patches on my eyes have slowly dissipated. The tears stay in my eyes much longer than they used to before I started the StimulEyes treatment.

I am really excited to continue seeing progress as I finish the course of treatment. I would 100% recommend StimulEyes. I will definitely be recommending this treatment to any of my patients experiencing similar problems with dry eye syndrome.

Jenny C., StimulEyes Patient


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