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The StimulEyes Success Story of Jan J.

I am writing to give information about a new eye drop I have been using for the past 5 months, that has really changed my life.

Several years ago, I had cosmetic surgery. One of the areas that were corrected was my upper and lower eye area. The cosmetic results of the surgery were awesome. However, the end result, for my eyes, was miserable.

I have dealt with extreme dry eyes for the past seven years. I have gone to see several eye specialists, as well as my regular Ophthalmologist. I have been prescribed every possible prescription drug, for dry eyes, and have tried every over the counter medication as well. Nothing I ever tried relieved the dry eyes.

I have worn contacts for many years. It became almost impossible to wear the contacts, as my eyes were so dry, that it made the situation even worse. I also had extreme itching, redness and tearing, in both of my eyes.

Back in February I went to see my Ophthalmologist, for my yearly eye exam. He was very excited to tell me about a new regenerative medicine product. At that time the product was only available on a test basis. He set the stage by his referral for me to get and use the product. I was extremely excited about the possibility, and anxiously started using the new drops.

I have been using StimulEyes for five months. It has worked a miracle with my dry eye condition. I use one drop in each eye, two to three times a day, and the results have been overwhelming. I sometimes even go to bed with my contacts in my eyes, as my eyes are so moist that I am not even aware I have left them in my eyes. I usually never sleep in contacts, just to give my eyes a rest.

The itching, redness, and tearing have also subsided. I cannot say enough positive things about what a relief StimulEyes Drops have been, for my extreme dry eyes. I would certainly recommend them to anyone with extreme dry eye condition, to try as well.

Jan J., StimulEyes Patient


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