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A Chemical-free Solution to Relieve Dry Eye Disease

StimulEyes Focuses on Providing Lubrication, Reducing Inflammation, and Giving Growth Factors that May Improve Positive Outcomes

If you are reading this, you or someone you know may have been diagnosed with Dry Eye Disease (DED) or may have related symptoms. DED is a common condition in the United States. Current estimates are that as many as 45 million Americans have been formally diagnosed with DED or have symptoms of DED. It is projected to increase even more in the next decade and is becoming more prevalent in younger Americans. This is why we have developed StimulEyes which not only treat the symptoms of DED but in some cases may also help to regenerate the production of tears to a normal state.

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StimulEyes Features and Symptom Relief

  • Provides soothing through lubrication
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Introduces growth factors which could stimulate normal eye functions


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How StimulEyes Works

StimulEyes is a prescription-only eyedrop solution that soothes, reduces irritation and inflammation, and in some cases works toward regenerating the tearing of the eyes to a normal state. It is classified as a biologic as it is naturally derived from human sources.

StimulEyes focuses on providing lubrication, reducing inflammation, and providing certain growth factors which in some cases may provide favorable outcomes.

Your eye care professional will give instructions on how to use StimulEyes. The prescribed treatment is based on the severity of each patient's condition.

Delivered via a dropper bottle, StimulEyes is easy to open and use. There is no need to refrigerate after you open the bottle; normal room temperature is all that is required for StimulEyes to continue to be effective.

While some patients suffering from Dry Eye Disease may report relief after just a few uses, it is recommended that a three-month initial course of treatment is prescribed. Discussions with your eye care provider leading to an overall treatment plan is key to the potential of the patient's improvement.


Is StimulEyes right for me?

If you continue to have symptoms of DED despite the continued use of the leading products, suffer from dry eye from Sjögren’s syndrome, or have undergone prior LASIK surgery or cataract surgery, you may want to consider asking your eye care provider if StimulEyes is right for you. Connect with us on providers in your area using the contact us form on this page.

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Understanding Non-Chemically Based Treatment (Regenerative Medicine)

There have been amazing advances in treating different medical conditions using Regenerative Medicine. Those cases are clinically documented and have made their way into mainstream medicine. Regenerative Medicine is now commonly used to treat burns, diabetic ulcerations, chronic and previously non-healing wounds, different types of orthopedic conditions, and even into the aesthetics market used by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.

Many Americans may associate Regenerative Medicine with stem cells, but Regenerative Medicine is much more. The study of stem cells has advanced to new methodologies that no longer present some of the earlier moral, ethical, or religious concerns that confronted the field. 

We have found you can get regenerative effects without the introduction of stem cells. This is because the human body is loaded with stem cells and progenitor (partially complete) cells. It is the other ingredients that make the body try and regenerate or repair damaged cells, which are the elements that form the matrix of StimulEyes. That matrix is comprised of hyaluronic acid for lubrication, cytokines for possible inflammation reduction, and growth factors for potential cell repair. All of these work together to form the miraculous work that is seen with Regenerative Medicine. 


FDA Regulations

EVs from culture expanded cells (exosomes) used to treat diseases and conditions in humans are regulated by the FDA as HCT/P drugs under section 351 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 262) and are subject to premarket review and approval requirements. Conversely, EVs from secreted body fluids, e.g., amniotic fluid (Cytosomes™), are not considered HCT/Ps by the FDA (21 CFR 1271.3(d)) and are regulated as a non-HCT/P biologic.

The FDA is clear in their language that their primary mission is to protect patient safety. Amniotic fluid has been studied for decades and its role in tissue growth, tissue repair and immune modulation in animal models and humans is well documented within the scientific literature. These long-term clinical data, together with the minimal manipulation required to isolate pure amniotic fluid, has established AF as a safe and effective tissue for use in research and clinical trials (conditional upon appropriate manufacturing practices by a qualified laboratory).

You are encouraged to report any negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit or call 1-800-FDA-1088

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