About Us

M2 Biologics is a new player in the growing field of Regenerative Medicine. Formed in 2019 by The McGee Group, a leading eyewear design and manufacturing firm, and NovaNet, the largest preferred medical provider network in the Southeast U.S., M2 Biologics is committed to pioneering this exciting new field, generating patient referrals, and improving the lives of end-users.

NovaNet first ventured into the emerging field of Regenerative Medicine with the intention of distributing selected products that were being offered to both medical providers and hospitals. The team assembled included experts in clinical practice, scientific research, and sales/marketing. While there were some production laboratories and manufacturers that met NovaNet’s requirements, there were gaps in what the team felt needed to be available. With that, NovaNet set out on the mission to having its designed products manufactured for them.

The first products that NovaNet worked with were for the ophthalmologic/optometric market—the “Eye Doctors.” The founder of NovaNet approached the founder of The McGee Group and saw the obvious potential in a partnership. As the concept matured and the new organization coalesced, M2 Biologics, LLC was born.

Our Products

M2 Biologics, LLC is involved in the creation and distribution of biologics and bio-technology products. Working with our laboratory and development organization, BioLab Sciences, our efforts are in the Regenerative Medicine space.

The basis of our biologics products is human amniotic fluid and human placental amniotic membrane tissue. Both the collection and harvesting are done under strictest controls. The mother has a comprehensive screening exam to ensure absence of diseases. The collection is done only for scheduled caesarian section procedures.

Once procured, all of the processing is also done under strict state and federal guidelines.

The processed amniotic fluid and placental tissue contains no live stem cells. Rather, the compositional matrix is hyaluronic acid, bioactive proteins as anti-inflammatory cytokines and numerous growth factors.

This matrix has shown to have the effect of providing lubrication, anti-inflammatory properties, anti-microbial properties and we believe to work as a catalyst in the regeneration and repair of cells. When those factors are added to the impact of the progenitor cells already pervasive in the body, our research and outcomes have been quite impressive.

The future development of the biologics product line is:

  • DuraMend- a tissue-based product for wounds and surgical wraps.
  • RenovaSource- A fluid-based product for injections, used in orthopedics, podiatry and pain management, aesthetics, erectile dysfunction, etc.
  • StimuBreathe- a liquid-based allograft delivered via nebulizer for pulmonary disorders. It has also shown to be systemically effective for multiple areas of inflammation.

The bio-technology product, MyOwnSkin, allows for the laboratory growth of a patient’s own skin!

The doctor takes a 1 cm sample of the patient’s skin. Also, several vials of the patients’ blood are drawn. This is packaged under established guidelines and returned to the lab. In 5-7 days, that one specimen is returned with 3- 4x4 inch patches of the exact genetically grown patient’s skin. It is no longer necessary to harvest skin grafts from another site of the patient for grafting. Instead of significant grafting from another part of the body, a 1 cm sample provides the skin to graft. This is a true autologous graft!

The impact of this product is significant in burn treatment and complex wound care. It also provides solutions in the reconstruction surgical arena.

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