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A Natural Ophthalmic Solution to Relieve Dryness of the Eye

Professional strength StimulEyes has the potential to soothe eye dryness through lubrication and all natural anti-inflammatory components.

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Natural Ophthalmic Solution

StimulEyes eye drops have natural, scientifically studied ingredients including hyaluronic acid.  The unique product matrix may provide soothing and enhanced moisture the eye needs.


StimulEyes is now available OTC and comes highly recommended by eye care providers.

Professional Strength

Same formulation as used by eye care professionals.

All-Natural Formula

StimulEyes contains no preservatives or drugs – only all natural ingredients.

Sterilized For Safety

StimulEyes is processed using proprietary techniques in registered clean rooms operated under CGMP.

Overall, my experience with StimulEyes has been great!  My eyes feel great.  I can wear contact lenses for a full day with no discomfort.  I can open my eyes without dryness first thing in the morning.


* The above are actual testimonials from StimulEyes users.  M2 Biologics makes no claim or guarantee that others will have similar results.


After trying StimulEyes, my eyes felt relief within two months.  I wake up in the morning with refreshed eyes that no longer cause me blurry vision and pain.  Because of my experience with StimulEyes, I will recommend this therapy for my patients.
After using the StimulEyes product for just 2 weeks, I found a substantial improvement with my dry eyes. I am extremely pleased with the results of using StimulEyes. Thank you StimulEyes for creating a wonderful product and making my eyes feel terrific!


I have been using [StimulEyes] for two months now with phenomenal relief. It has been decades since my eyes have felt normal. The best thing is I no longer even think about or feel the uncomforting feeling of dry eyes.


Common Questions

Can StimulEyes drops be used with contact lenses?

Yes. It is recommended that you remove your contact lenses prior to applying the drops and wait 15 minutes before reinserting them.

What is the shelf life of StimulEyes?

An unopened bottle maintained at ambient room temperature is good for two years following production date.  An opened bottle should be used in a timely manner, consistent with normal, recommended dosage guidance.

How often should I use StimulEyes?

Eye care professionals frequently recommend 1 drop in each eye once or twice per day.  You may wish to consult your eye care professional regarding the dosage that may be most appropriate for you.

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